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  • Internet Party to live stream its inner workings

    ​The Internet Party, which announced in May that it would be contesting seats in the September 23rd general election, plans to live stream activity in its campaign office in the run-up to the election.

  • Internet Party confirms 2017 election bid

    ​The Internet Party founded in 2014 by Kim Dotcom to contest the 2014 election has confirmed that it plans to contest the 2017 general election on September 23.

  • Vote counting goes remote

    The chief electoral office will be using remote computer equipment to tally the votes in this week’s election.

  • Real time election results to your WAP phone

    Catalyst IT is designing the election night site for the Chief Electoral Office and is expecting a three-fold increase in visitor numbers over the 1999 election, says company director Mike O'Connor.