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  • In pictures: CIO100 event in Wellington: Frontline leadership

    In pictures: CIO100 event in Wellington: Frontline leadership

    The CIO100 event, which presents the results of the annual research on the top ICT using organisations in New Zealand, was held for the first time this year in Wellington. Victor Vae'au of the NZ Defence Force delivered the CIO keynote presentation. Photos by James Henderson.

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  • The path to microservices

    Applications professionals face increasing pressure to deliver applications quickly and support rapid scaling. Microservices appear to be the shining light, promising development agility, deployment flexibility and precise scalability.

  • Standardising applications: When it works … and when it doesn’t

    Minimising IT costs, streamlining processes and bringing together business units are just some of the reasons organisations want to standardise applications throughout their business. But many are doing it for the wrong reasons or where it doesn’t make sense, making it harder to succeed.

  • Business leaders don’t care about the cost of downtime

    Infrastructure and operations leaders (I&O) leaders are often on a misguided mission to find mythical “cost of downtime” numbers to build justifications for project investments in availability and recovery capabilities.

  • Augmented analytics: The future of data and analytics

    As the core of any digital business, analytics is at a critical inflection point. Data complexity is increasing and business people across the enterprise are drowning in data. They’re struggling to identify what’s most important and the best actions to take.

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