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  • Fujitsu releases drives

    Fujitsu has unveiled two new 500GB hard drives that are thinner, use less power and take up less space in devices than previous models.

  • Five companies listed for UK ID card plan

    Just five companies have been shortlisted to run the complex £2 billion (NZ$5 billion) ID-card plan, causing fresh concern about the effectiveness of the project.

  • Fujitsu climbs volcano to test chips

    The top of a dormant volcano in Hawaii might seem like an unlikely place to work on improving the reliability of computer chips, but that's just the spot engineers from Fujitsu chose over their well-equipped laboratory in Tokyo.

  • Fujitsu to monitor datacentre heat with optical fibre

    Fujitsu is looking to optical fibre to help increase efficiency in the cooling of large datacentres. The company has developed a prototype monitoring system that can measure the temperature in up to 10,000 points using a single optical fibre connected to a measuring device.

  • Beyond Infinity

    The name Infinity Solutions vanishes on April 1. Fujitsu bought the company in the fourth quarter last year, and from the beginning of April the company will operate wholly under the Fujitsu name. It’s understood Fujitsu has taken naming rights on Caltex Tower in Wellington.

  • New Fujitsu drive

    Fujitsu has upgraded its 2.5-inch SATA disk drive line with the addition of the new MHZ2 BT-series offering, which provides up to 500GB of storage capacity in a three-platter design.

  • Geographic coverage prompts Fujitsu's Infinity buy

    In the week leading up to the announcement that Fujitsu New Zealand planned to buy Infinity Solutions there had been speculation in the market that Fujitsu had also been talking to other companies, including Eagle Technology.

  • Fujitsu to acquire Infinity

    Fujitsu New Zealand and is to acquire IT services group Infinity Solutions in what the companies describe as a "merger of equals".

  • Fujitsu PC tablet to be released

    Fujitsu has announced a 1.56-lb. miniconvertible computer that will sell with a price tag of US$999 (NZ$1377) when it goes on sale in September.

  • Fujitsu says NZ not innovative enough

    A study measuring innovation among Australian and New Zealand organisations shows both countries in a relatively poor light, averaging just 64% on performance.