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  • Banking Trojan hits Android phones

    A banking Trojan that has plagued Symbian, BlackBerry and <a href="">Windows</a> Phone users has now made its way to <a href="">Android</a> devices.

  • Cisco and NSS Labs still arguing firewall vulnerability test results

    NSS Labs today is expected to say four out of five vendors -- Palo Alto Networks, Juniper, Fortinet and SonicWall -- whose firewall equipment it said was vulnerable to a hacker exploit have corrected the problem. The fifth, <a href="">Cisco</a>, maintains its ASA firewall isn't susceptible to the exploit known as the "TCP Split Handshake," which lets an attacker remotely fool the firewall into thinking an IP connection is a trusted one behind the firewall.

  • Cisco going to NSS Labs to sort out alleged firewall issues

    Cisco today is expected to confront more directly last week’s allegations from NSS Labs that Cisco firewalls are vulnerable to a hacker exploit known as the “TCP Split Handshake,” an attack that would fool the firewall into thinking the IP connection is a trusted one inside the network.

  • Independent lab tests find firewalls fall down on the job

    During the first quarter of this year, independent IT security testing company, NSS Labs <a href="">evaluated six network firewalls</a>: Check Point Power-1 11065, Cisco ASA 5585, Fortinet Fortigate 3950, Juniper SRX 5800, Palo Alto Networks PA-4020, and the Sonicwall E8500.

  • Fortinet targets ageing security software installs

    At the pace that internet threats and highly-organised cyber attacks are happening, it is unrealistic for individuals or organisations to rely on governments to protect them, according to unified threat management (UTM) pioneer Fortinet.

  • Appliances on the network

    Traditionally, all the functions of a computer were written as software applications running on top of a general-purpose operating system.

  • Fortinet establishes NZ presence

    Security software vendor Fortinet has opened a New Zealand office, appointing Gen-i and TelstraClear veteran Clive Levido as NZ country manager.