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  • EC to propose mandatory blocking for child abuse sites

    The European Commission will next week propose a directive designed to fight the sexual exploitation of children, but a clause obliging member states to block pedophile websites has sparked widespread criticism from civil liberties advocates, a German government minister and from within the Commission itself.

  • Dengate Thrush slates Aussie web filter plan

    The chairman of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers says the Australian government will “embarrass itself” if it pushes ahead with plans to install a national Internet content filter.

  • Watchful eye better than web filters

    The Australian federal government's Internet filters will be outpaced by the emergence of offensive web pages and won't stop offensive material appearing in email inboxes, according to the internet Society of Australia.
    The web filters are part of the government's $128 million Plan for Cyber Safety and are undergoing a series of six week trials with eight Internet Service Providers.

  • No Great Firewall seen for New Zealand

    The New Zealand government has no current plan to follow Australia into compulsory filtering of internet connections by ISPs, says ICT minister David Cunliffe.