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  • Mandatory ISP-level filter won't lift cyber safety

    The Federal Government’s proposed mandatory internet service provider-level filter has been dealt another blow with some of the Internet’s largest companies arguing the technology alone will not increase the cyber safety of young Australians.

  • Three inspectors sign off on net filter blacklist

    New Zealand’s opt-in internet content filter, which went live in February, runs the Swedish Netclean Whitebox content filter on a set of servers.
    Banned websites must be justified and signed-off by three “warranted inspectors of publications”. The blacklist has more than 7000 URLs of child sexual abuse material, according to 2009 government statistics. It has been in construction by the censorship unit since 2005 and is affiliated with Europe’s Cospol Internet Related Child Abusive Material Project.
    Website requests are filtered by Border Gateway Protocol against a blacklist held on a central server in the government Censorship Compliance Unit. The list is maintained by the Independent Reference Group which reviews banned URLs each month for false positive listings.