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  • FedEx exposes customer records

    Global package delivery company FedEx says it has secured some of the customer identification records that were left on an unsecured AWS S3 bucket, and so far has found no evidence that private data was "misappropriated."

  • Cloud security to be most disruptive technology of 2012

    The Security for Business Innovation Council, comprised of IT security professionals from 19 companies worldwide, called Cloud computing the main disruptive force for 2013. In its report, "Information Security Shake-Up," the group said it was evident many organizations are preparing to move more business processes to the cloud. This year, it will even be "mission-critical apps and regulated data" consigned to the cloud.

  • 'You have to be masochist to be an IT person': FedEx CIO

    ORLANDO -- "You have to be a masochist to want to be an IT person,'' says Robert Carter. And he would know. Carter is the soft-spoken, hard-driving CIO who has been fighting for the past 11 years to transform IT operations at FedEx, where "the planes don't fly and trucks don't roll without IT services.''

  • Brace for email-attachment malware spree

    A sizeable spike in <a href="">malicious email attachments</a> is just subsiding, but if history is any indicator, several smaller spikes are about to follow that use even more deceptive means than their predecessors.

  • FedEx says tracking system 'back to normal' after glitch

    FedEx, which Monday saw a <a href="">nationwide software glitch</a> impact the mobile devices called PowerPads used by its package-delivery personnel, said it has resolved the problem.

  • FedEx suffers nationwide software glitch on mobile package delivery processing

    FedEx package-delivery personnel across the United States have been reduced to inputting package information by hand and getting handwritten signatures instead of doing this all electronically due to what’s believed to be a <a href="">software</a> glitch on their handheld devices.