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  • Are you getting XPed on?

    I'm writing this just before I talk to the Worldwide Institute of Software Architects, Wellington Chapter about the role of software architecture, and the software architect, in XP. I'm planning to tell them about evolutionary architecture and how to achieve it.

  • XP advocate declares love of architecture

    Scheduling an extreme programming advocate to talk to software architects might seem a good recipe for an argument, as extreme programming (or XP) emphasises quick and flexible code work over an ironclad developmental plan.

  • Seeing the light

    Another of the lineup of speakers who caught my imagination at the CIO magazine conference the other week was none other than Mr Brian Dollery -- the man who fills this page when I don’t. I went along to Dollery’s presentation primarily because I’ve never met him and I wanted to.

  • A little Italy in Wellington

    Earlier this month there was an XP conference in Italy. I wanted to go but couldn’t afford it, but I really wanted to go … so I’ve organised my own. On September 9 and 10 Wellington will host the first Agile Development Conference. I’ve worked hard to convince Software Education that there is demand for this, so you buggers had better come.