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  • One in six IT execs adopt software-as-a-service

    Users seem to be ahead of IT when it comes to embracing software-as-a-service.  A new Forrester survey of more than 1,000 IT decision-makers in North America and Europe found that 16% of enterprises had adopted SaaS as of 2007 — an increase from 12% the previous year but still a small minority.

  • Survey finds execs cool on virtualisation

    Server virtualisation may be one of enterprise computing’s hot new technologies, but a recent survey of corporate IT buyers shows that near-term adoption may not match the hype.

  • Open source could become ‘boring’, execs warn

    The open source paradigm has changed the software market, but open source itself is becoming so established that it will be boring in five years, according to panellists at a recent conference held at the Computer History Museum, in California, last month.

  • Shareholder gathering sees Google execs grilled

    The controversy over Google's censored Chinese search engine followed its top executives to the company's annual shareholder meeting on May 12 when an Amnesty International representative took the company to task over the issue.

Whitepapers about executives

  • CIO Executive Council Cyber Security Handbook

    This handbook has been put together to clearly explain the evolving role of cyber security to anyone in an organisation. You’ll find practical insights and questions you should be asking plus advice on how to transform redundant cyber security approaches into effective ongoing security solutions. •Learn the 11 questions leaders should use to start a conversation with the CIO’s in their organisation •Find out the 10 assumptions commonly that are a danger to implementing adequate security •Plus, get the Cyber Security Checklist which outlines the questions you should be able to answer about your organisation