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  • How to manage a contractor-turned-employee

    With the economy making a bit of progress over the past few months, many IT organisations have been adding contractors as a way of getting things done without the commitment of hiring permanent employees. And they're probably thinking that if things continue to improve, some of those contractors could become permanent hires.

  • Employees await Facebook verdict in landmark case

    The case of six prison officer from New South Wales who were threatened with the sack after making disparaging comments about their boss on Facebook, will have their case reinvestigated following a decision made by the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC).

  • What CIOs want: five standout skills

    It's a good market out there for IT job seekers, but that doesn't mean your technical abilities will automatically land you a rewarding position. CIOs seek professionals who can contribute immediately to their companies' success. Faced with multiple candidates who are similarly qualified and technically proficient, how do they make tough hiring decisions?

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  • Top 25 Best Examples of Gamification in Business

    Gamification is used to motivate employees, create healthy competition among teams, generate buzz or social proof, and encourage customer loyalty, among other benefits. This whitepaper lists the top 25 examples of gamification to help spark creativity, collaboration and efficiency.