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  • New Zealand smart city projects shine in IDC awards shortlist

    ​New Zealand has achieved strong representation in the shortlist for IDC’s Smart City Asia Pacific Awards 2017. New Zealand projects are finalists in six of the 14 award categories: Transportation; Public Works; Smart Grid; Smart Water; Connected Health; Tourism, Arts, Libraries, Culture, Open Spaces.

  • Cisco's Chambers sees hope after recession

    The current recession is almost the opposite of the 2001 downturn for Cisco Systems because of permanent cost-cutting and the company's move into new technologies and markets, Chairman and CEO John Chambers said Monday.

  • Managing security in a worsening economy

    The global economic downturn is making everyone's jobs harder, and IT security executives are in the hot seat, too, struggling to hold onto budgets and align IT security projects with business needs amid cost-cutting.

  • Gartner: economy hits cell-phone sales

    Economic woes slashed cell-phone sales growth in the third quarter of this year as consumers waited longer to replace their handsets, according to analyst firm Gartner, which predicts the market is likely to contract next year,