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  • Microsoft interns invent smarter photo tagging

    So many pictures, so little time to tag all those <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/topics/smartphones.html">smartphone</a>-generated memories. A pair of Microsoft interns have come up with a remedy.

  • Controlling Wi-Fi radio 'nap-time' reaps big power savings

    A Duke University grad student has come up with a way to double, or more, battery life in Wi-Fi devices, without any changes needed on the device itself. Essentially, the technique regulates how long and when client radios sleep, so that data transfers can be scheduled more efficiently.

  • Research tackles powering the virtual data center

    <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/topics/data-center.html">Data center</a> managers are well versed in distributing power efficiently to physical servers. But the proliferation of <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/news/2010/102510-burning-questions-virtualization-storage.html">virtualization</a>, with multiple virtual machines and <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/topics/applications.html">applications</a> running on a single piece of hardware, has made this task a lot more complicated.

  • Many Android apps leak user privacy data

    A recent test of prototype security code for Android phones found that 15 of 30 free Android Market applications sent users' private information to remote advertising servers, without the users being aware of what was being sent or to whom. In some cases, the user's location data was sent as often as every 30 seconds.