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  • Huawei cashes in on NZ telco investment

    Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei has boosted its New Zealand revenue by more than 500% as a result of unbundling and mobile network investment.

  • Forum: Telecom lifts its skirt, shows plumbing

    First, I’d like to apologise in advance for that headline. A few months ago, while meeting with Telecom, I mentioned that I had never actually been inside a telephone exchange. We discussed the possibility of having a quick tour of one and an explanation of how local loop unbundling (LLU) will be implemented.

  • Telecom throws rural toys out of cot

    Even before ICT Minister David Cunliffe’s announcement of the regulatory package, including local loop unbundling, Telecom had started to scale back on investments in broadband for the rural sector, according to Simon Moutter, chief operating officer of Telecom.