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  • Death by Morto A? It's your own fault, says Microsoft

    The <a href="">Morto A worm</a> is having continued success despite its reliance on a list of lame passwords to take over victim machines.

  • HP TouchPad demonstrated running Android

    The challenge to port Google's Android OS to Hewlett-Packard's now-defunct TouchPad has been met, with a developer demonstrating an alpha version of the OS working on the tablet.

  • Hackers could reverse-engineer Microsoft patches to create DoS attacks

    The <a href="">security</a> company Qualys this week demonstrated how to reverse-engineer a <a href="">Microsoft</a> patch in order to launch a denial-of-service attack on <a href="">Windows</a> DNS <a href="">Server</a>.

  • DOS is alive. Alive!

    Twelve years after Microsoft announced it would stop development of DOS, an open source replacement &#8212; FreeDOS &#8212; has hit its 1.0 release.