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  • What's still missing in the HTML5 spec

    Although the HTML5 spec won't be finalized until July 2014, the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), has <a href="">scheduled its "last call" for feature-completeness for this May</a>. So what's missing?

  • Microsoft adds to security tools for developers

    Microsoft is expanding its roster of SDL (security development lifecycle) tools and services with the beta release of an attack surface analyzer tool as well as the introduction of consulting services on secure development.

  • Microsoft details Silverlight upgrade plans

    Microsoft's Silverlight rich Internet application platform, which has been the subject of speculation lately about its future, will get a refresh next year when the company releases Silverlight 5.

  • Cloud computing underwhelms PHP developers

    While technology vendors continue to pound home the message of cloud computing, PHP developers Tuesday viewed the concept as overhyped and were not in agreement on its benefits.

  • Oracle silent on Java independence initiative

    While Java founder James Gosling has campaigned for Oracle to place Java under the jurisdiction of an independent foundation, Oracle is declining to comment at all on the notion.