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  • Box wins DoJ contract in latest federal coup

    As part of its push into specific industry verticals, Box is targeting the government sector, where agencies are particularly sensitive about the security of cloud software. On Wednesday, the company announced a significant customer win in this vertical: the U.S. Department of Justice.

  • 2013 computer crime blotter

    Prisons around the world this year made way for techie criminals alongside the more garden variety murderers, thieves and schemers.

  • NSA defends spying as backlash rages

    Mounting backlash against National Security Agency spying practices is now coming from sources as varied as security expert Bruce Schneier, former Reagan-era budget director David Stockman and high-level representatives of European countries.

  • IBM faces US Justice Dept inquiry on mainframes

    IBM is facing an antitrust inquiry from the US Department of Justice for recent actions the company has taken in the mainframe computer market, according to the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA),a trade group that filed a complaint with the department.

  • US is opposed to extending Microsoft sanctions

    The US Department of Justice says it will not seek to extend the restrictions placed on Microsoft's business practices following its antitrust settlement with the US government in 2002.