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  • Obama announces semiconductor innovation hub

    A group of businesses and universities, led by North Carolina State University, will work together to design and manufacture next-generation, low-power semiconductors, U.S. President Barack Obama said Wednesday.

  • Industry cuts the cord on electric car charging

    Automakers and municipal governments are testing new technologies that would make it possible to offer wireless charging stations embedded in the pavement or even in manhole covers -- thus removing the power cords from electric vehicles.

  • Borland: No buyer for tools line yet

    Nearly a month has passed since Borland's announcement so we spoke to Borland's Erik Frieberg, vice president of product marketing and strategy, about the company's intentions, and to get a progress report on the planned sale of Borland's developer tool lines.

  • Borland goes RAD for app lifecycle

    Delphi developer Paul Hectors is considering switching to Microsoft Visual Studio but is waiting for Borland to release Delphi for .Net before he makes the decision.