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  • NZ Cricket seeks advantage from Qrious analytics

    New Zealand Cricket (NZC) has turned to Spark’s data analytics subsidiary Qrious to help it analyse game and player performance and gain competitive advantage for its Blackcaps and White Ferns teams in the 2019 ICC World Cup.

  • Augmented analytics: The future of data and analytics

    As the core of any digital business, analytics is at a critical inflection point. Data complexity is increasing and business people across the enterprise are drowning in data. They’re struggling to identify what’s most important and the best actions to take.

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  • Slow Data Kills Business

    We live in an era where customer experience trumps product features and functions. How do you exceed customer’s expectations every time they interact with your organization? By leveraging more information and applying insights you have learned over time. Turning data-driven power into delightful experiences will give you the advantages required to succeed in today’s climate of one-click shopping and crowd-sourced feedback.

  • CISO's guide to machine learning & user and entity behavioural analytics