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  • Poor password practices costing Kiwis megabucks

    IT security company Symantec says New Zealanders, particularly millennials, have lax cyber security practices that have resulted in more than one-third of the adult online population being affected by cybercrime in 2017, and between them losing $177m.

  • Two in five Kiwi kids harmed by cyber crime

    Two in five Kiwi kids have been harmed by cyber crime or a negative online situation between 2012 and 2013. What’s more, 57 per cent of NZ children that were such victims admit to hiding what they do online from adults.

  • Stupid hacker tricks: Exploits gone bad

    If the Internet is the new Wild West, then hackers are the wanted outlaws of our time. And like the gun-slinging bad boys before them, all it takes is one wrong move to land them in jail.

  • E-crime centre to fight cyber-crims

    New Zealand Police plan TO SET up a high-tech crime reporting centre, in partnership with other government agencies, such as CCIP (Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection) and DIA (Department of Internal Affairs), says Maarten Kleintjes, head of the New Zealand Police Electronic Crime Laboratory.