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  • Quantum cryptography tested

    Researchers at North-western University in Chicago have joined forces with BBN Technologies to demonstrate what they are calling the first truly quantum cryptographic data network.

  • Gutmann: operating under the radar

    He describes himself as a “professional paranoid”, but cryptography expert Peter Gutmann (pictured) is quite willing to buy products online using his credit card and advocates writing down passwords on a piece of paper.

  • Eating humble pie

    Slow news weeks are a columnist's nightmare. Granted, a lot of you have probably used the new year period to catch up on old business, load those patches you've been meaning to get to, dig through the paperwork and the emails piling up, and so on; but my life would have been made a lot easier if another email virus had been unleashed or a Fortune 500 company's network had been taken over by a gang of teenagers. In the absence of a readily identifiable topic -- or target, if you prefer -- for today's trip to the soapbox, I think it's time to serve myself some humble pie.