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  • Architecture and development roles in demand: survey

    Technical consultants, team leaders and software engineers recorded the greatest increases in pay expectations in contract recruitment specialist Crackerjacks’ latest Professional Contracting Rates Guide.

  • Contractor pay rates heading upwards

    IT contractors’ hourly rate expectations have increased from $68 to $72 on average in the past six months, according to a survey by contractor placement specialist Crackerjacks.

  • How to manage a contractor-turned-employee

    With the economy making a bit of progress over the past few months, many IT organisations have been adding contractors as a way of getting things done without the commitment of hiring permanent employees. And they're probably thinking that if things continue to improve, some of those contractors could become permanent hires.

Whitepapers about contractors

  • Contractor access: Mitigating security and risk issues

    Today’s workforce is expanding to include a growing number of contractors, despite high-profile security incidents. This paper identifies how to mitigate risks in what’s often a necessary business decision. · Many businesses don’t really have the luxury of asking, “can we afford the risk of a contractor?” · Companies like Target, Cogent Healthcare, Stanford Hospital, Beebe Healthcare and even the EPA have had breaches that were the result of “temporary” access · A substantial roadblock to productivity is granting them access to necessary systems, which in many cases house sensitive information