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  • OpenStack Foundation launches open source Kata Containers

    The OpenStack Foundation has launched a new project to develop open source containerisation software, Kata Containers, by combining components from two existing container software projects: Intel’s Clear Containers and Hyper runV, the runtime version of the software behind HyperHQ’s containers as a service.

  • Microsoft's datacentre plan questioned

    Microsoft's plan to fill its mammoth Chicago datacentre with servers housed in shipping containers (reported on in Computerworld, April 28) has experts wondering whether the strategy will succeed. In Microsoft's plan, each container in the datacentre, still being built, will be filled with several thousand servers.

  • Container-ised datacentres may reshape IT

    A major transformation in the way that large datacentres are built is under way, and the expected changes may have as much impact on IT productivity as the adoption of shipping containers in the late 1950s did on the freight industry.