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  • What are CIOs wishing for this Christmas?

    It’s that time of year again for every CIO to reflect and think about what they want for the coming year ahead. No, this doesn't have to involve gadgets or really, really cool technology. Instead, it’s a much broader wishlist that looks at some of the common challenges facing the modern CIO.

  • Christmas brings online shopping warning

    Now it's crunch time. This is the most punishingly high-pressure part of the year, with immovable December deadlines marching ever closer. Nerves will be frayed and you need to give your people all the help and support you can.

  • Girls’ own Christmas toy

    Just in time for Christmas comes the Palm Z22 — it’s cute, stylish and aimed firmly at women. Its marketing makes it clear the company has mums-on-the-move in mind with its talk of keeping on top of kids’ appointments, entertaining tots with games at the doctor’s surgery and storing favourite family photos. The question is: does Palm fulfil its promise?