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  • Experts cast doubts on Chinese hacking scare

    Security experts are voicing their doubts about suggestions that China tried to hack New Zealand government IT systems, saying it is technically very difficult to identify the point of origin of such attacks.

  • New world order for IT emerging — IDC

    North America’s share of the IT market is shrinking as China’s share grows, says Philippe de Marcillac, president of the international business unit at research company IDC. He forecasts that the IT market will more and more resemble the telco services market, where North America’s and Europe’s market shares are decreasing while the emerging countries’ market share is growing rapidly.

  • China's readies new regulations to fight spam

    China’s Ministry of Information Industry (MII) is to release a set of rules meant to strengthen the country’s fight against unsolicited email — spam — a ministry spokesman says.

  • Yahoo defends actions in Chinese journalist case

    Yahoo's chairman and chief executive officer Terry Semel strongly defended the company's decision to turn over evidence to Chinese authorities that helped the government convict a local journalist and send him to jail for 10 years.