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  • Cisco cutting home broadband perks for staff

    Cisco Systems is ending a longstanding policy that allows its employees to expense their home broadband service, as part of a wider effort to reduce costs, sources at the company say.

  • Cisco chief lauds virtual-world technology

    Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers appeared in a virtual press conference in Second Life last week, his avatar dressed in a business suit, where he predicted that virtual world technologies will eventually "explode" in terms of business usage and their impact.

  • Cisco consumer moves afoot, leaders suggest

    Cisco Systems executives hinted at major changes in the company’s consumer strategy this month even as they voiced optimism about networking and the world economy.

  • Cisco's Chambers pushes video, Web 2.0

    John Chambers has found a technology that can keep up with his fast-talking style, and it’s at the core of Cisco Systems’ push to bring Web 2.0 technology into enterprises.

  • Intelligent networks will drive convergence: Chambers

    Even before Cisco chief executive John Chambers took the stage at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this month, it was clear he’d be talking about the consumer market — a radical change for a company best known for selling routers to enterprises. The stage featured a mock living room, kid’s room, home-office and car.