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  • Paycheck payoff for IT certs still declining

    Wondering whether you'll get a raise or bonus if you earn another IT industry certification? Odds are you won't, according to the latest IT salary data from <a href="http://www.footepartners.com/">Foote Partners</a>.

  • To certify or not: the pros and cons

    New certifications continually emerge in the IT field. In fact, it sometimes appears that there is at least one for every available technology. As a result, many IT professionals wonder whether it&#8217;s worthwhile to pursue a designation and, if so, which one could best aid their career advancement. The answer varies: each credential has a unique cost &#8212; in terms of both money and effort &#8212; and the effect of earning one may not always be immediately apparent. Here are some considerations when weighing your certification options.

  • Networking certifications — are they worth it?

    It&#8217;s not hard to write the initials after your name: CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert); CNE (Certified Novell Engineer), or dozens of others. They mean you have professional certification. The question is, for a networking professional, are those initials worth the effort necessary to acquire them?

  • The 10 hottest IT certifications for 2003

    The following ranking is based not on the most popular certifications, but rather on the fastest-growing certifications in the industry, according to Becky Nagel, editor of CertCities.com.

  • Certications: Who needs 'em?

    Whenever an IT staffer at Carnival Cruise Lines earns an IT certification, Ken Eberhardt recognises him with an additional certificate and other rewards at one of the company's quarterly service awards ceremonies.

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