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  • Vodafone creates airborne cell site for search and rescue

    ​Vodafone in conjunction with Police Search and Rescue (SAR) has developed a mobile cell site that can be fitted into a helicopter enabling rescuers to communicate with people on the ground via their cellphones in areas where there is no mobile network coverage.

  • IT struggles to close the cellphone gap

    For a concept that's remarkably easy to reduce to a sound bite ("fixed-mobile convergence", or FMC for short) , bridging the gap between cellular phones and enterprise networks remains stubbornly hard to achieve.

  • Gartner: economy hits cell-phone sales

    Economic woes slashed cell-phone sales growth in the third quarter of this year as consumers waited longer to replace their handsets, according to analyst firm Gartner, which predicts the market is likely to contract next year,

  • Take a whiff of this: NTT offers cell smells

    After satisfying the senses of sight and sound through video streams and music downloads, NTT Communications aims to tap into the sense of smell with a new system that allows users to send fragrances from their cell phones.