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  • The IT department is dead: Nicholas Carr

    The IT department's days are numbered, due to a shift to utility computing. So predicts Nicholas Carr in his new book,The Big Switch: Rewiring the World from Edison to Google.

  • Carr continues to cause controversy

    Back in 2003 Nicholas Carr caused huge debate with an article, and later a book, contending that IT doesn’t matter. His argument was that scarcity, not ubiquity, made a business resource truly strategic. More than three years later, do his views still hold up — and does he still stand by them?

  • A new perspective on Nicholas Carr

    When Nicholas Carr put forward his “IT doesn’t matter” argument in the Harvard Business Review (and in his subsequent book and blog), he set off a firestorm of controversy in the IT community. But now, four years later, Carr’s point has been made by organisation after organisation. Whenever a business problem is put forward, IT comes back with a package.

  • Separating value-add from commodity service

    No one confuses surgery with paediatrics, but most people perceive application development and infrastructure maintenance as one big fuzzy mass of undifferentiated IT activity.