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  • Taranki school students get to study Wi-Fi

    ​PrimoWireless, (which operates a wireless broadband network for internet access in the Taranaki area), Massey University and New Plymouth Girls’ and Boys’ high schools have secured funding from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Curious Mind's Participatory Science Platform to investigate wireless connectivity in the region.

  • NZTech aims to get more girls into IT careers

    Citing research that it says shows tech firms with a balance of men and women make more money, the New Zealand Technology Industry Association (NZTEch) is seeking to persuade more schoolgirls to take up careers in IT.

  • ‘True’ DevOps engineers in high demand, says Hays

    Recruitment specialist Hays has released its latest quarterly report on the job market, identifying high demand for “true DevOps engineers,” “top level principal and technical leads,” front end and full stack developers and native iOS and Android developers.

  • Lack of training and benefits fuel IT job-hopping

    ​Recruitment company, Global Attract, has revealed details of research that is says shows 60 percent of IT professionals working in DevOps and infrastructure, financial services, IT executive roles, software development, testing and quality assurance, and project management, intend to look for a new role in the next 12 months.

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  • Coworking Offers Employees More Than Office Space

    Coworking promises to improve productivity while improving work-life balance. Whether you're an enterprise with remote employees who want a professional work environment or a start-up firm too small for your own office, you can benefit from coworking.

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  • How to Use Evernote to Improve Your Productivity

    With more than 100 million users, Evernote is popular for good reason. The app is for much more than just jotting down notes, though -- you can add contacts, collaborate and even snap pictures of paper notes. Here are some tips from getting the most out of Evernote.

  • How to use social networking to succeed in business

    In the current business climate, networking is at the nexus of technology, the customer, and true innovation, and it's about time you put your heart and soul into it. In short, it's time to get on board with social or get left behind.

  • Small Data Plays a Big Role in IT Recruiting

    Job applicant tracking systems capture massive amounts of info on candidates. But all that data doesn't help if the best candidates aren't able or willing to complete the process. Going more simple and streamlined can make it easier to find talent.