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  • A business focus helps sell IT security spending

    IT managers should focus on issues such as business risk, customer impact, regulatory requirements and due diligence when demonstrating the value of IT security investments to senior executives. That’s the view of several IT managers at the recent Security Standard conference in Boston.

  • Sport talk: turning the IT-business relationship around

    Delivering value to business through ICT continues to be a contentious topic. Consultant Craig Pattison turns this around to pose a more challenging question: “What is your best defence against revenue, customer and reputation loss from IT failure?”

  • Why IT still drives business success

    Computing has changed quite a bit in the last few decades. At the same time, the business world’s reliance on technology has reached a level that was once unimaginable.

  • All IT staff will soon need business skills

    As more CIOs move towards business and IT alignment over the next several years, the make-up and structure of IT will change. IT and business unit employees will work more closely together — and, in some cases, interchangeably.

  • IT fuels business success stories at US firms

    Three years ago, Federal Express launched a sweeping IT transformation project based on a key insight by Rob Carter, its CIO. Carter amassed data and created a bewildering “spaghetti chart” that showed how a spate of acquisitions by the US transport and logistics provider was creating an ever more complex and costly IT infrastructure.

  • Google searches for revenue in business space

    Google has demonstrated its interest in winning over business users — and IT managers — with the introduction of features for its corporate search appliance that can crawl through data from business applications.

  • Business benefits from good IT governance: US surveys

    Recent US surveys by firms Gartner and Forrester show a growing focus by CIOs on IT governance but, in the Gartner case, a “disconnect” between the CIO view and business management’s view of the role and importance of such governance.

  • Security: one job the CEO must oversee

    Information security should be the responsibility of the chief executive and senior management of an organisation, says Andy Prow of consultancy Aura Software Security.

  • Managing risk as important as avoiding it

    Regulatory compliance issues and concern over data compromises have brought information security issues to the forefront in corporate boardrooms, according to a panel of IT security managers at the Computer Security Institute.

  • Becoming informed global citizens

    Technology is a global event and has been for more than two decades. But the nature of that event is beginning to change dramatically thanks to the rise of the internet as a commercial business platform.