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  • How to network: 7 ways to give, not just receive

    One of the reasons you may not like to network is because, in asking others for help with a job search, you feel you're imposing on your contacts (and their contacts). But viewing networking as an imposition demonstrates several common misconceptions about the practice: that only one person benefits from the exchange; that job seekers have nothing to give to the people with whom they're networking; and that the people being contacted don't want to meet or see the job seeker.

  • HP completes $2.35 billion 3Par merger

    HP has completed its $2.35 billion merger with 3Par, just weeks after thwarting rival Dell in a bidding war for the storage vendor, HP announced Monday.

  • Many businesses now using Macs: survey

    Nearly 80% of businesses polled by research firm the Yankee Group have Macs in-house, nearly double the number that said they had users running Mac OS X two years ago.

  • IT has vital role in interactive ad world: Google VP

    If you still think that putting up a colourful and splashy website for your company's products, or running online ads about them, is enough to bring in boatloads of repeat customers, you'd better think again, according to Google's top IT executive.

  • Does open-source development work for business?

    When using open-source software, businesses usually choose between a free, community-supported version of an application or a fee-based enterprise version that includes support, service, updates and other features.

  • Security is a business problem

    Security is a people problem. OK, you already know that. But last week, the SANS Institute finally recognised it too, in its list of the top 20 Internet security risks of 2007. Topping the chart of new, hard-to-defend-against risks were vulnerabilities in custom web applications and "gullible, busy, accommodating computer users, including executives, IT staff and others with privileged access".

  • Web 2.0 goes corporate

    For Jeff Herrmann, co-director of research at investment company Manning & Napier Advisors, the impetus to invest in Web 2.0 came abruptly late last summer. That’s when one of Herrmann’s analysts left the company — and much of his recent research vanished as well.

  • Business needs to align itself with IT

    How many times have you heard that IT needs to be aligned with business? If there was a mantra of the past decade, surely this was it. And who can argue with the concept that IT and business need to be in alignment to ensure that IT investments pay off in the form of tangible business benefits?

  • Go on, HP — surprise us this time

    Hewlett-Packard has made a startling discovery. Last month, an HP marketing executive announced that “IT as we know it is really over” and that, going forward, HP won’t be in the information technology business. No, from now on, HP will be in the business of “business technology”.