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  • Watch your wiki-ing, warns comms man

    Public servants have been warned to watch their online behaviour after a new Wikipedia tool exposed illicit editing by overseas government agencies.

  • Web threatens traditional news organisations

    The internet is a threat to traditional news organisations, which no longer have the advantage of being the first to report breaking news online, according to a Harvard University study (pdf) released last week.

  • Blogging disciplines Redvespa team in UK contract

    Wellington-based web services and consulting company Redvespa got its big break recently when it inked a three-year contract with the UK’s Henley Management College, but it is blogging that is keeping everyone involved in the project honest.

  • When crisis strikes: why staying in touch is vital

    On the morning of July 7, 2005, Kenneth McCrae left his hotel in central London and headed for Baker Street Underground station. It was a warm day and he remembers looking longingly across the street at the green grass and trees in Regent’s Park before heading down to catch his train. McCrae boarded at 8.42 am along with the millions who jam the city’s famous subway system each day. On a whim, he decided to take the Metropolitan line instead of the Circle line. It turned out to be a good choice. At 8.50, a series of powerful bombs exploded underground, and one of those seriously damaged a train on the Circle line, just two trains ahead of McCrae. Above ground, another blast would rip apart a bus in Tavistock Square nearly an hour later.