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  • Lack of wi-fi doesn't hinder BlackBerry Storm

    I had already filed my review of the BlackBerry Storm, aka BlackBerry 9530, when Galen Gruman, an InfoWorld executive editor, pointed out a glaring omission in my review: I neglected to mention that BlackBerry Storm lacks wi-fi.
    My initial reaction was along the lines of "how could they?". Come on, RIM, did you not survey the touchscreen market before you tossed your hat in? Wi-fi is just there on the mobile spec sheet template, right next to 3G, GPS, MP3 and H.264. Everybody expects it. I expect it. I shook my head in disbelief that an industry leader like RIM would let this category-defining feature go unimplemented.
    It became my duty to take RIM to task for hobbling the otherwise impressive BlackBerry Storm. As I rewrote, my jerked knee began to relax, and the tone changed from "how could RIM leave out wi-fi?" to a more relevant question: Would anyone but a reviewer gripe about the absence of wi-fi in a BlackBerry that is otherwise stuffed with more features than you can find in a $200 handset?
    If I hadn't taken a breath and taken the time to handle BlackBerry Storm and examine its specs again before I rewrote the review from the "absence of wi-fi" perspective, I'd have missed the point. Any product can be turned inside out and scrutinised for its apparent lacks. Sometimes it is a product's veering from apparent market-defined givens that makes it a hit. The wisdom of BlackBerry Storm's wi-fi design-out is supported by two cases in point, the iPhone 3G and Nintendo Wii, that set a fine precedent.

  • Review: BlackBerry Storm bridges business and lifestyle

    The new BlackBerry 9530, or Storm, has the familiar fingertip navigation and flick-to-scroll gesture common to most widescreen phones. Apart from that, the Storm is very much its own device, unmistakably a BlackBerry in its strong messaging, connectivity, and extensibility, but carried to a new level of usability by a touchscreen display and a redesigned GUI.