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  • Corporate-owned vs. employee-owned mobile devices

    If an employee walked into work one day clutching his shiny new iPhone, <a href="">iPad</a>, Android or other mobile smartphone or tablet, wanting to use it for official corporate business, would you say yes?

  • Symantec now manages Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones

    Symantec today announced that its mobile device management software now supports Apple iOS and Google Android, via Microsoft's Enterprise ActiveSync protocol, which both platforms support. The release is part of an expanded push by the security vendor to eventually deal with the wide range of mobility threats.

  • On the right track

    In a perfect world no one would ever lose the paperwork for their hardware leases or install unnecessary software programs, but enterprise computing infrastructures can morph in ways that leave IT managers at a loss about just what technology they have. Asset management software can calm the nightmares and even cut costs.

  • A question of discipline

    Asset management involves tracking the physical attributes &#8212; the make, model and version &#8212; of an organisation&#8217;s hardware and software, but there&#8217;s a lot more to it, says Daryl Frost of systems integrator Gen-i.