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  • Guidance forensics tool now working with SIEM

    Guidance Software today said its <a href="">computer forensics</a> tool is now capable of automated collection of data on endpoint devices, including computers and <a href="">smartphones</a>, based on a <a href="">security</a> information and event management (SIEM) alert.

  • Security rundown for week ending Aug. 5, 2011

    If you'd never heard the phrase 'advanced persistent threat' before, you may have gotten an ear full of it the past week in a collection of news stories that used the APT term to describe a variety of network security problems that are causing big problems.

  • HP combining IPS and SIEM to better fight malware

    HP this week will demonstrate at the RSA Conference how its TippingPoint intrusion detection and prevention (IPS) appliance can work with the ArcSight <a href="">security</a> and event information management (SIEM) product it acquired late last year to block anomalous threat activities against Web sites.