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  • Keeping the puck out

    Wahoo! It’s Stanley Cup finals time! I’m not a big fan of either the Ducks or the Devils but finals hockey is always exciting stuff. Even more excitingly, my own season finally got underway last Saturday night.

  • Ouch (again)

    Yes folks, it’s yet another instalment from the Stupid-Accidents-I’ve-Had department. This time, I was out walking the pooch late last Friday night and managed to trip over a curb. Falling stupidly flat on my face – for the record, I was not bevvied – I managed to break the fourth metacarpal (the bone between the knuckle and the wrist) in my right hand and thus defer the start of my hockey season by four to six weeks. Sigh.

  • Hockey makes the rest easy, almost

    Wasn’t it Jenny Shipley who started life in politics on a committee at a playcentre or kindergarten or something? After my experience of the last week or so, a life in parliament doesn’t seem as scary as it used to. I’ve walked on hot coals and broken glass, I’ve ridden mountain bikes off stupid heights, I’ve even worked with alligators and crocodiles (real ones -- not the ones you come across in everyday business). But this week has been one of the most character-building of my life. I now feel prepared for almost anything.