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  • Data center, cloud fabrics all the rage in 2012

    There was a considerable amount of activity in the <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/news/2011/122011-outlook-cloud-254208.html?hpg1=bn">data center/cloud switching fabric</a> arena in 2011. That is expected to continue in 2012, along with real world implementations of the next-generation IT technologies.

  • Extreme CEO: New products in 2012, growth in 2013

    After years of stagnant or lackluster growth, Extreme Networks tapped Oscar Rodriguez to bring new life to the switch maker in 2010. He scrutinized global operations, streamlined the product line and brought a new focus that he says will really come through this spring with a new wave of switches. Rodriguez shared his goals for Extreme in 2012 with Network World Editor-in-Chief John Dix and Managing Editor Jim Duffy.