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  • Geoscience Australia opens up access to spatial data

    Geoscience Australia is embracing international geospatial standards and integrated Web platforms to share spatial data in an open environment. The focus is on interoperability, says the agency’s lead data scientist, Danielle Beaudreau.

  • Adobe to add 3D capability to Flash

    Adobe Systems has started work to bring 3D to its Flash platform, and will preview the technology at the company's upcoming developer conference in October.

  • Faith in 3D pays off for Huhu Studios

    Huhu Studios, based at Snells Beach north of Auckland, has gone from producing a local TV series to making animated feature films for American distributor Promenade Pictures — and from employing just eight staff to 60 since its launch in 2000.

  • Nextspace aims for $1 billion Kiwi 3D industry

    Nextspace, a 3D visualisation industry consultancy founded by 3D graphics software company Right Hemisphere, has set itself an ambitious goal. The organisation, which officially opened its doors in February, aims to create a $1 billion visual communications industry in New Zealand over the next 10 years.

  • Open source 3D printer copies itself

    Based in the Waitakeres, in West Auckland, software developer and artist Vik Olliver is part of a team developing an open-source, self-copying 3D printer. The RepRap (Replicating Rapid-prototyper) printer can replicate and update itself. It can print its own parts, including updates, says Olliver, who is one of the core members of the RepRap team.

  • Toybox: SketchUp Pro 6 for professional modellers

    Google's SketchUp Pro 6 is an enhanced version of its free SketchUp 6 program. The free version features the application's powerful 3-D functionality, while the pro version adds two main features necessary for professional modellers.

  • Vendor upgrades brainy search app

    Imagine being able to find a piece of obscure information on your hard drive quickly instead of having to remember where you saved it.

  • Wellington visual interface start-up readies push into business

    A passion for creating 3D content made Tomer Sagi take the big leap to becoming self-employed in 2005. He left his job as a software architect at NZ Post to work full-time on building a visual user interface (VUI) software platform. Then, soon after starting up his company Chaos Dimention, Sagi moved into Wellington’s business incubator, Creative HQ.

  • Visualisation a focus for innovation finalists

    The finalists in the Innovative Use of ICT category of the Computerworld Excellence Awards have delivered operations software for emergency services, visualisation of computational biology data and a 3D interactive training environment.

  • Right Hemisphere wins military honours

    Right Hemisphere has won the top slot in the “up and coming” category in the US Military Training Technology magazine’s annual awards for technology contributions to the military training community — for the third year running.