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  • Frogparking launches investment-fuelled recruitment drive

    New Zealand based parking technology company Frogparking says it is hunting for new talent in New Zealand, Australia and the United States as it embarks on a growth programme fuelled by a recent multi-million dollar investment.

    28 April 17 07:00 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Wearable wearers beware: you are a prime target market

    ​Market research firm Nielsen Consumer and Media Insights says usage of wearable devices is rising exponentially in New Zealand, doubling over the past 12 months to nine percent of the online population over 15 years of age, representing an attractive target market.

    26 April 17 10:30 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Connexionz software to manage New York ferries

    ​Christchurch-based Connexionz, which specialises in the development and delivery of real time passenger information and intelligent systems for managing transport networks, has been awarded a contract for software and systems to manage a new New York ferry service.

    12 April 17 11:00 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Immigration no panacea for IT skills shortage, says NZTech

    ​Wellington’s LookSee campaign offering 100 oversees IT professionals an all expenses paid trip to New Zealand for a series of pre-arranged job interviews has garnered over 48,000 applications, prompting a warning from the New Zealand Technology Association (NZTech) that New Zealand should not depend on immigration as the silver bullet to the tech skills shortages.

    11 April 17 09:30 Written by Stuart Corner
  • First Auckland, now Wellington to get VR facility

    Details have been revealed of plans for a National Virtual Reality Complex in Wellington, following yesterday’s opening by Auckland Council of the AR/VR Garage, saying it established Auckland as an international AR/VR hub.

    06 Sept. 16 14:10 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Vodafone smart jacket makes cycling safer

    Vodafone is trialling a smart jacket for cyclists developed in the Netherlands that is fitted with LEDs that, like a mobile phone’s navigation app, indicate when the cyclist is making a turn.

    06 Sept. 16 09:44 Written by Stuart Corner