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  • New blockchain ledger will let US residents sell personal healthcare data

    Most people don't know it but there is a multi-billion dollar industry that collects healthcare information, strips it of basic personal identifiers such as name, address and Social Security Number, and then sells it off to researchers, drug developers, marketers and others.

    07 Sept. 18 08:41 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • Atlassian launches Jira Ops

    Boston-based OpsGenie’s ‘next-generation’ alert tools will integrate with the latest addition to Atlassian’s Jira product family to help IT operations teams deal with outages.

    05 Sept. 18 07:55 Written by Matthew Finnegan
  • IBM, Maersk launch blockchain-based shipping platform with 94 early adopters

    After launching a proof of concept earlier this year, IBM and Maersk have unveiled TradeLens, the production version of an electronic ledger for tracking global shipments; the companies say they have 94 participants piloting the system, including more than 20 port and terminal operators.

    20 Aug. 18 09:48 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • What are microservices?

    The origin of the term 'microservices' may not be that easy to pin down, but over the past decade the approach to application development and management has reached near ubiquity in the enterprise, with everyone from Spotify to the BBC shifting from monolithic architectures to embrace microservices.

    15 Aug. 18 09:04 Written by Scott Carey
  • GitHub looks beyond code to collaboration

    GitHub — the global service, recently acquired by Microsoft, that provides Git-based online source code repositories accessible by multiple developers — is widening its focus beyond code to offer support for the whole software development lifecycle, and for collaboration around any kind of data or document.

    13 Aug. 18 12:13 Written by Stuart Corner
  • How Google decides to open source its technology

    Google has a solid reputation as an engineering organisation with an open source culture, with Googlers contributing a huge amount of code back to the community and projects like TensorFlow and Kubernetes making a mainstream impact.

    06 Aug. 18 09:48 Written by Scott Carey
  • Compuware's devops transformation four years on

    Back in 2014, private equity firm Thoma Bravo agreed to take legacy mainframe software mainstay Compuware back into private ownership in a US$2.5 billion deal.

    09 July 18 09:13 Written by Tamlin Magee
  • How Just Eat runs devops at scale

    UK-based food delivery company Just Eat runs a hugely complex devops culture across 35 software development teams in five geographies, working together to maintain 450 microservices.

    04 July 18 08:41 Written by Scott Carey
  • Quantum open source fund launched

    A ‘no-strings’ grant program targeting developers of quantum computing software has been launched with the aim of filling the gaps in the nascent field.

    28 June 18 11:47 Written by George Nott
  • Progressive web apps: The future of the web

    Debate has raged for the past decade about whether mobile web will dominate or whether mobile apps will prevail. The answer is that they’re not mutually exclusive and many companies need both.

    18 June 18 14:29 Written by Jason Wong, research vice president at Gartner
  • Mastercard tech chief: Every company should emulate Netflix

    As the financial services giant Mastercard continues to adapt to ever-changing consumer demands, the head of technology at the company has urged all companies to emulate Netflix when it comes to innovation.

    18 June 18 10:38 Written by Scott Carey
  • Di Data NZ partners with Chef to streamline hybrid clouds

    Dimension Data New Zealand has partnered with Chef, the company behind a configuration management software tool of the same name, to provide its clients with what it says will be continuous automation enabling them to achieve speed, scale, consistency and compliance of their hybrid IT environments.

    07 June 18 10:00 Written by Stuart Corner
  • WWDC: No new hardware, but Apple’s platform advantage grows

    Apple fans will be disappointed at the lack of sexy new hardware at WWDC 2018, but Apple’s focus on software significantly expands what its existing solutions can already do and extends fresh developer opportunities across the next year.

    06 June 18 08:41 Written by Johnny Evans
  • Microsoft buys GitHub for US$7.5b - should developers be concerned?

    Microsoft has acquired GitHub for US$7.5 billion in Microsoft stock. Github's 85 million code repositories and 28 million users make it the internet’s largest code repository. Microsoft will hope to accelerate its growth, attract further developers to the Microsoft range of platforms and integrate GitHub with the Azure cloud that is central to the company's strategy.

    05 June 18 09:04 Written by Tom Macaulay