Security News, Features, and Interviews

  • Kordia takes RedShield security service to Australia

    Kordia, which has exclusive New Zealand and Australian distribution rights to security technology developed by Wellington based RedShield, has hired staff in Australia to market RedShield security services and is looking for channel partners.

    13 Sept. 17 11:00 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Aura offer cyber security training for all

    Wellington based cyber security consultancy Aura Information Security has made its e-learning programme CyberWise available via a web portal saying this makes it accessible by all businesses, regardless of size or set up. CyberWise was previously available only as a module for use with learning management systems.

    25 Aug. 17 09:28 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Guidelines aim to promote responsible, trusted data sharing

    Independent ministerial advisory group, the Data Futures Partnership, has released a set of draft guidelines designed to help public and private organisations develop policies and practices for sharing data while maintain the trust of the public.

    14 Aug. 17 11:16 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Internet Party to ‘crowd source’ anti-spying bill

    The Internet Party is planning to ‘crowd source’ the drafting of bill that, in the unlikely event it became law, would, it says, counter government spying on New Zealand citizens.

    02 Aug. 17 10:26 Written by Stuart Corner
  • How Do You Protect Yourself from Microsoft Office Malwares?

    Recently, antivirus company McAfee has warned users that Microsoft office has a potentially harmful virus inside that can install Malware into the PC of users once the user installs MS Office in his or her computer. The installation of Malware could lead to the computer slowly deteriorating as well as theft of information.

    21 July 17 17:43 Written by Joshua Althauser
  • SAM helps companies comply with CIS Security Controls

    A New Zealand developed cloud service enables organisations to assess and manage their compliance with CIS Controls, a set of best practice guidelines for computer security published by the US-based Center for Internet Security (CIS).

    17 July 17 14:36 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Identity theft and card fraught top Kiwis’ security concerns

    ​Unisys has released the latest edition of the Unisys Security Index saying, perhaps unsurprisingly, that New Zealanders’ concern about security issues is the highest it has been since the index was initiated in 2006.

    30 June 17 10:00 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Eight organisations score grants for cyber safety initiatives

    Netsafe, an independent, non-profit organisation focused on online safety, has awarded grants to eight projects that aim to combat online abuse, bullying and harassment in New Zealand in the first round of its annual online safety partnership grant program.

    29 June 17 06:30 Written by Stuart Corner
  • NZ ICT company uncovers Microsoft browser vulnerabilities

    Wellington-based ICT security company, — owned by Dimension Data — says it uncovered vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browsers for which Microsoft issued patches in May.

    21 June 17 10:00 Written by Stuart Corner
  • PwC flags challenges for media and entertainment companies

    PwC has released its 18th annual Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2017-2021 saying that entertainment and media companies accustomed to competing and creating differentiation through content and distribution must focus more intensely on user experience (UX).

    08 June 17 06:30 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Cyber security biggest barrier to being digital

    IT quality assurance firm, Qual IT has released the results of a survey of New Zealand organisation saying, perhaps not surprisingly, that cyber security is the biggest concern for IT leaders in these organisations as they strive to become digital.

    08 June 17 06:00 Written by Stuart Corner
  • From Iron Dome to IoT: mPrest’s vision for Vector partnership

    The technology behind Israel’s Iron Dome rocket interception system might seem far removed from monitoring power networks in New Zealand but mPrest Systems, the Israeli company whose software underpins Iron Dome, is the same one that last month formed a partnership with energy and communications network operator Vector, and its cofounder and CEO, Natan Barak has high expectations for the partnership.

    01 June 17 12:03 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Government seeks cyber security skills

    New Zealand Government security bodies, all members of the New Zealand Intelligence Community (NZIC) are on the hunt for a broad range of cyber security skills.

    29 May 17 07:00 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Gigamon offers visibility into Amazon Web Services for NZ Enterprises

    ​Gigamon has announced availability in New Zealand and Australia of the Gigamon Visibility Platform for Amazon Web Services, saying it provides consistent visibility into data in motion across an enterprise: on-premise, remote sites, public cloud, private, and hybrid architectures.

    22 May 17 09:38 Written by Stuart Corner