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  • Ex-IBM employee jailed over source code theft

    ​A former software engineer for IBM in China was sentenced to five years in prison after he pleaded guilty to stealing proprietary source code from the company, prosecutors announced on Friday.

    22 Jan. 18 09:26 Written by Reuters
  • Schneider Electric admits Triconex bug exploited in hack

    Schneider Electric SE has admitted that hackers had exploited a flaw in its technology in a watershed incident discovered last month that halted operations at an undisclosed industrial facility.

    19 Jan. 18 08:37 Written by Reuters
  • BlackBerry wants to secure self-driving cars

    Canadian software vendor and former smartphone maker BlackBerry has launched security software that identifies vulnerabilities in programs used in self-driving cars.

    16 Jan. 18 09:55 Written by Reuters
  • Nvidia updates drivers in response to Spectre

    Nvidia is updating the software for its graphics processors in response to the Spectre security threat, but its chief executive says its chips were not subject to the same risks as those from Intel and other companies.

    11 Jan. 18 08:40 Written by Reuters
  • US blames North Korea for WannaCry ransomware wave

    The Trump administration has publicly blamed North Korea for unleashing the so-called WannaCry ransomware attack that crippled hospitals, banks and other companies across the globe earlier this year.

    19 Dec. 17 13:06 Written by Reuters
  • Kaspersky Lab tries to reverse US government software ban

    Moscow-based security software maker Kaspersky Lab says it has asked a U.S. federal court to overturn a Trump administration ban on use of its products in government networks, saying the move deprived the company of due process.

    19 Dec. 17 08:44 Written by Reuters
  • Thales to buy Gemalto

    Takeover agreement calls for Thales' digital activities to be merged with Gemalto to create a business with 3.5 billion euros in sales

    18 Dec. 17 09:11 Written by Reuters
  • Three plead guilty over Mirai botnet attacks

    A former Rutgers University student and two other men pleaded guilty to computer crimes related to the creation, sale and use of the Mirai botnet, a network of infected electronics equipment used to knock major websites offline in massive 2016 cyber attacks.

    14 Dec. 17 09:00 Written by Reuters
  • Have a merry, insecure IoT Christmas

    The New Zealand IoT Alliance has talked up the potential for IoT enabled toys to enrich Christmas gift giving, with no mention of their notorious lack of security.

    08 Dec. 17 14:30 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Invoice scams on the rise, but ransomware down, says CERT NZ

    CERT NZ says cyber security issues reported to it in the three months to 30 September cost New Zealanders more than $1.1m, up from $700,00 in the previous quarter. In addition, online scams and other fraud reported to CERT NZ and NetSafe cost the victims $2.1m.

    08 Dec. 17 14:24 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Three Uber security managers resign

    Three senior managers in Uber's security unit resigned on Friday, an Uber spokesperson said, days after the company's new chief executive officer disclosed a massive data breach and criticized past security practices.

    04 Dec. 17 09:49 Written by Reuters
  • Waikato Uni team to research governments’ power to order decryption

    A team of University of Waikato academics has embarked on an investigation into the vexed question of whether governments should have the right to compel organisations to decrypt customer data in their pursuit of criminals and terrorists

    30 Nov. 17 09:30 Written by Stuart Corner