Open Source News, Features, and Interviews

  • Inside the new Continuous Delivery Foundation

    Does the world need yet another open source foundation? That is a question that was posed to the founding members of the CDF - the Continuous Delivery Foundation - which recently formed as an addition to the roster of sub-groups beneath the Linux Foundation.

    25 March 19 01:47 Written by By Tamlin Magee
  • Chromebook cheat sheet: How to get started

    Got a new Chromebook? This guide will help you navigate the ever-expanding world of Chromebook apps and figure out how to make the most of Chrome OS.

    07 March 19 22:00 Written by JR Raphael
  • Firefox maker fears DarkMatter 'misuse' of browser for hacking

    Firefox browser-maker Mozilla is considering whether to block cybersecurity company DarkMatter from serving as one of its internet security gatekeepers after a Reuters report linked the United Arab Emirates-based firm to a cyber espionage program.

    05 March 19 09:50 Written by Reuters
  • The best Linux apps for Chromebooks

    Make your Chromebook even more capable with this carefully selected set of Linux apps for expanding Chrome OS's potential as a business tool.

    18 Jan. 19 22:00 Written by JR Raphael
  • Open source had a busy 2018, but what next?

    Following a busy year for open source, expect more acquisitions, more adoption, and the foundational groundwork for a truly open infrastructure.

    09 Jan. 19 04:30 Written by By Tamlin Magee
  • Red Hat to be ‘Switzerland’ within IBM

    Red Hat will operate as a kind of “Switzerland” within IBM and maintain its commitment to open source at the conclusion of Big Blue’s takeover of the software company, according to Marco Bill-Peter, Red Hat senior vice president of customer experience and engagement.

    21 Nov. 18 13:09 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth wishes Red Hat and IBM a happy marriage

    Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth's keynote at the second of this year's Openstack Summits was considerably less controversial than the last, where he explicitly compared the price between Red Hat and Ubuntu's services in Vancouver. However he still had plenty to say when Computerworld UK caught up with the hobby astronaut and entrepreneur on the show floor.

    19 Nov. 18 02:21 Written by By Tamlin Magee
  • IBM to snap up Red Hat for US$34 billion

    IBM says it has agreed to acquire U.S. software company Red Hat Inc for US$34 billion, including debt, as it seeks to diversify its technology hardware and consulting business into higher-margin products and services.

    29 Oct. 18 08:32 Written by Reuters
  • Openstack Rocky builds on automation, upgrades and usability

    Time again for another Openstack release, the open source infrastructure's 18th iteration - Rocky - which promises to heap on new features that further improve automation and usability among a variety of hardware architectures.

    04 Sept. 18 09:10 Written by Tamlin Magee