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  • InternetNZ and Vocus slam Sky’s anti-piracy moves

    InternetNZ has joined Vocus is its criticism of legal action by Sky TV aimed at forcing New Zealand’s largest ISPs to block access to web sites hosting pirated content

    01 Dec. 17 09:34 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Internet businesses ask US to keep net neutrality rules

    AirBnb, Reddit, Shutterstock, Inc, Tumblr, Etsy, Twitter and a long list of small internet companies have urged the US Federal Communications Commission to scrap a plan to roll back net neutrality rules.

    28 Nov. 17 10:53 Written by Reuters
  • Chorus and N4L to boost schools’ Internet access

    Chorus and Network for Learning (N4L) – the government owned company providing a fully funded managed Internet service to New Zealand schools — have announced plans to upgrade schools’ Internet access to gigabit speeds, and to allow students to access their school network from home over WiFi.

    10 Nov. 17 12:28 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Spark firms up CAT-M1 rollout plans

    Spark has announced that it will commence trials of an LTE Cat-M1 network for IoT applications during November ahead of delivering a commercial network early in 2018 that it says will “cover 95 percent of the places New Zealanders live, work and play.”

    07 Nov. 17 13:32 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Spark MD sees the future, and it’s wireless

    Spark MD Simon Moutter has commited the telco to a wireless future and foreshadowed significant consolidation in the fixed broadband retail market, citing low margins on the wholesale price fixed broadband retailers pay to Chorus another fixed network owners.

    03 Nov. 17 16:22 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Chorus to become ‘active wholesaler’

    Chorus has unveiled plans to try and stem the drain of fixed line broadband services, resulting mainly from retailer Spark’s aggressive moves to migrate customers to its fixed wireless broadband service.

    01 Nov. 17 18:49 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Stuff Fibre acquires Pure Fibre customers

    Internet service provider Stuff Fibre has acquired the customers of Christchurch-based ISP Pure Fibre, saying the move will give Pure Fibre’s customers lower prices and, in some cases, higher speeds.

    26 Oct. 17 16:18 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Application specific networks now a reality, says NetFoundry

    What if you could set up, on demand, a global network with the bandwidth, latency, security and routing that your applications require, just as easily as you can today provision the storage and processing power in the cloud that applications require?

    11 Oct. 17 13:33 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Hawaiki cable installation to begin next month

    Hawaiki Submarine Cable says manufacture of its submarine cable that will link New Zealand and Australia with the US west coast is now complete

    28 Sept. 17 09:12 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Chorus sees increased competition from wireless broadband

    Chorus has reported a 24 percent increase in net profit for FY17 despite a decline in broadband connections as copper broadband connections decline and as take-up of competitors’ wireless broadband increases.

    28 Aug. 17 10:53 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Chorus upgrades rural broadband net as data volumes surge

    Chorus says it has upgraded 125 cabinets of its copper broadband network in rural areas, adding equipment able to deliver VDSL services to customers and backhauling them with optical fibre.

    22 Aug. 17 14:03 Written by Stuart Corner
  • NZ’s Digital divisions displayed

    InternetNZ has produced an online, interactive map that it says clearly displays the ‘digital divide’ by showing areas of low, medium and high internet access and broadband penetration, correlated with areas ranked similarly for skills and social wellbeing.

    17 Aug. 17 13:51 Written by Stuart Corner