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  • Chorus sees increased competition from wireless broadband

    Chorus has reported a 24 percent increase in net profit for FY17 despite a decline in broadband connections as copper broadband connections decline and as take-up of competitors’ wireless broadband increases.

    28 Aug. 17 10:53 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Chorus upgrades rural broadband net as data volumes surge

    Chorus says it has upgraded 125 cabinets of its copper broadband network in rural areas, adding equipment able to deliver VDSL services to customers and backhauling them with optical fibre.

    22 Aug. 17 14:03 Written by Stuart Corner
  • NZ’s Digital divisions displayed

    InternetNZ has produced an online, interactive map that it says clearly displays the ‘digital divide’ by showing areas of low, medium and high internet access and broadband penetration, correlated with areas ranked similarly for skills and social wellbeing.

    17 Aug. 17 13:51 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Southern Cross completes survey for NEXT cable

    Southern Cross Cable Network (SCCN) says it has completed the route survey for its $US350m Southern Cross NEXT cable that will link New Zealand and Australia to the US, and it now has “signed intent” from eight customers, including four Pacific Island nations: Fiji, Samoa, Tokelau and Kiribati.

    14 Aug. 17 11:18 Written by Stuart Corner
  • UFB now 80 percent complete, uptake hits 35 percent

    The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has released the June 2017 Quarterly Broadband Update showing that phase one of the UFB programme close to 80 percent complete, giving almost 1.2 million homes and businesses access to fibre.

    11 Aug. 17 12:18 Written by Stuart Corner
  • 2degrees chooses Chorus for national 100Gbps backhaul net

    2degrees has become the first nationwide customer for Chorus’ 100Gbps backhaul service, with the announcement of a multiyear contract to use Chorus as its primary provider of national backhaul capacity.

    09 Aug. 17 11:29 Written by Stuart Corner
  • New Zealand ranked 30th for Internet download speeds

    New Zealand has been ranked 30th in a global ‘league table’ of average broadband download speeds compiled by UK broadband, TV and phone comparator,

    08 Aug. 17 16:05 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Spark upgrades inter-island cable link

    Spark has announced the completion of an upgrade to its cable link across Cook Strait saying it will improve resiliency of the link.

    27 July 17 11:18 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Crown Fibre Holdings morphs into Crown Infrastructure Partners

    The Government is to repurpose Crown Fibre Holdings (CFH), the company set up to build the ultra-fast broadband network, and use it to invest up to $660m to fund the building of roads, water and sewerage infrastructure in large scale housing developments in partnership with local councils and private investors.

    24 July 17 12:27 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Spark upgrades South Island core network

    Spark has announced completion of an upgrade of its core optical transport network (OTN) in the South Island, a loop from Invercargill, via Queenstown to Christchurch, saying the upgrade will provide an additional route in case of a natural disaster or emergency.

    18 July 17 15:05 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Broadband Compare: From comparison to competition

    Broadband Compare, a web site that enables New Zealanders to compare different broadband plans, has celebrated its first birthday by announcing plans to offer broadband plans itself in collaboration with some ISPs.

    13 July 17 12:31 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Spark plans NZ-wide wireless networks for IoT

    Within hours of Vodafone NZ on 3 July announcing plans to add NB-IoT capability to its mobile network to meet the requirements of communication with IoT devices, Spark announced plans to rollout a New Zealand-wide low powered wide area network for IoT. Spark 's network will be based on the LoRaWAN technology.

    05 July 17 07:01 Written by Stuart Corner
  • SSP migrates NZ customers to Interactive’s Aus data centre

    ​SSP, a global provider of cloud-based back office systems for the insurance industry has announced completion of the migration of its New Zealand broker customers to Australian provider Interactive. The move follows a failure in SSP’s own UK data centre that took SSP’s New Zealand customers, and others off the air for up two weeks.

    04 July 17 06:30 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Fixed broadband: “Nothing more than backhaul” for consumers and SMEs, says Spark CEO

    Spark held an investor update today 30 June, bombarding shareholders with around 120 slides detailing the market forces and trends underpinning its thinking for the next phase of transformation, its game-plans for competing, its approach to network investment and the impact of these on its longer-term financial and organisational aspirations.

    03 July 17 10:20 Written by Stuart Corner