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  • What is IPv6, and why aren’t we there yet?

    For the most part the dire warnings about running out of internet addresses have ceased because, slowly but surely, migration from the world of Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) to IPv6 has begun, and software is in place to prevent the address apocalypse that many were predicting.

    15 Feb. 18 23:07 Written by Keith Shaw
  • NZ ‘spoilt for choice’ with LPWAN options, says IDC

    According to IDC New Zealand organisations will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting low power wireless connectivity for their Internet of Things solutions, with seven nationwide networks in various stages of deployment.

    13 Feb. 18 16:05 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Kiwi company Intellium connects Kenyan towns to the net

    Intellium, an Auckland based provider of a wide range of IT services, including fixed microwave for internet access, will help connect educational facilities in Kenya to the Internet.

    08 Feb. 18 16:11 Written by Stuart Corner
  • US bill would block government from using Huawei, ZTE equipment

    Two Republican Senators introduced legislation on Wednesday that would block the U.S. government from buying or leasing telecommunications equipment from Huawei or ZTE citing concern the Chinese companies would use their access to spy on U.S. officials.

    08 Feb. 18 08:50 Written by Reuters
  • D-Link devices get remote management

    D-Link has formed an exclusive partnership with Poland-based AVSystem that will enable service providers and ISPs in New Zealand and Australia to remotely provision and manage D-Link devices they supply to their customers.

    06 Feb. 18 13:59 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Vocus unveils new operating structure

    Vocus revealed today it has decided to split its Enterprise & Wholesale business into two operating segments.

    15 Jan. 18 10:29 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Manukau Institute of Tech rolls out new WAN

    Auckland’s Manukau Institute of Technology has built a wide area network linking its nine campuses around the city using equipment from Extreme Networks.

    20 Dec. 17 09:18 Written by Stuart Corner
  • The price of net neutrality is continued vigilance, says InternetNZ

    In the wake of the US Government unwinding net neutrality rules, InternetNZ has warned that vigilance is needed in New Zealand to ensure links between large ISPs and online media companies do not compromise the open Internet in New Zealand.

    15 Dec. 17 10:23 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Optical test gear maker Coherent Solutions raises $3m

    Auckland based Coherent Solutions — which claims to make the world’s highest performing test and measurement instruments for optical communications — has raised $3 million in an A-Series investment round led by the Punakaiki Fund and supported by K1W1, NZVIF and Auckland University’s Inventors Fund.

    15 Dec. 17 10:21 Written by Stuart Corner
  • US scraps net neutrality rules

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines on Thursday to repeal landmark 2015 rules aimed at ensuring a free and open internet, setting up a court fight over a move that could recast the digital landscape.

    15 Dec. 17 10:12 Written by Reuters
  • Spark details LoRaWAN rollout plans

    Spark has given more details of its plans to roll out a low powered wide area radio network for IoT, based on the LoRaWAN technology.

    14 Dec. 17 10:25 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Chorus debuts LoRaWAN IoT network

    Chorus has initiated proof of concept trials of a LoRaWAN wireless network for IoT in Takapuna and Torbay on Auckland’s North Shore, in conjunction with Vianet, a subsidiary of Australian infrastructure services company Ventia, which is also the owner of Visionstream.

    08 Dec. 17 09:34 Written by Stuart Corner
  • UFB installation model is ‘broken’, says E tū

    New Zealand’s largest private sector trade union, E tū, has called for a government enquiry into installation practices for the Ultrafast Fibre Broadband network, saying the current model with multiple layers of contractors and subcontractors is broken.

    07 Dec. 17 11:36 Written by Stuart Corner
  • InternetNZ CEO Carter elevated to group CEO under new structure

    The InternetNZ Group, which comprises InternetNZ, NZRS — the registry for .nz domain names and the operator of the .nz domain space — and the Domain Name Commission, has announced the completion of a “robust appraisal” of its organisational structure, and has elevated InternetNZ CEO Jordan Carter to head up the entire group.

    01 Dec. 17 16:07 Written by Stuart Corner
  • InternetNZ moves to build Internet trust and security

    InternetNZ has released its 2017 State of the Internet report, with a focus on trust, pledging to do more to build trust and security and calling on others to step up to the plate.

    01 Dec. 17 09:38 Written by Stuart Corner
  • InternetNZ and Vocus slam Sky’s anti-piracy moves

    InternetNZ has joined Vocus is its criticism of legal action by Sky TV aimed at forcing New Zealand’s largest ISPs to block access to web sites hosting pirated content

    01 Dec. 17 09:34 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Internet businesses ask US to keep net neutrality rules

    AirBnb, Reddit, Shutterstock, Inc, Tumblr, Etsy, Twitter and a long list of small internet companies have urged the US Federal Communications Commission to scrap a plan to roll back net neutrality rules.

    28 Nov. 17 10:53 Written by Reuters