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  • QA: Bill Hoffman of the Industrial Internet Consortium talks AI, IoT and more

    Founded in 2014 by a group of high-profile technology and manufacturing companies, the Industrial Internet Consortium has since blossomed into a major player in the critically important world of IoT, helping to demonstrate how the new technology can apply to a variety of commercial and industrial fields. Network World talked with the group's president, Bill Hoffman, who discussed the long, strange journey of technology's relationship with industry.

    09 July 18 23:25 Written by Jon Gold
  • US venture capitalists pump $8m in agritech IoT company Halter

    Waikato based Agritech company Halter has raised $8 million from US venture capitalists which it will use to develop its IoT and artificial intelligence technologies that help cattle farmers manage their herds.

    03 July 18 09:35 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Huawei pushes back against possible Australian 5G ban

    Australia will be left behind if the government bans the nation’s telcos from using 5G equipment supplied by Huawei, the chairperson of the Chinese company’s local subsidiary has warned.

    27 June 18 14:57 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Apple to fork out $9 million for misleading Australian consumers

    The Federal Court has found that Apple “engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct, or conduct that was likely to mislead or deceive” in connection with so-called ‘Error 53’, which was encountered by iPhone and iPad owners after the devices had been repaired by a third-party service.

    19 June 18 10:01 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Progressive web apps: The future of the web

    Debate has raged for the past decade about whether mobile web will dominate or whether mobile apps will prevail. The answer is that they’re not mutually exclusive and many companies need both.

    18 June 18 14:29 Written by Jason Wong, research vice president at Gartner
  • Android and antitrust: The EU's Google case explained

    Google's Android mobile operating system is based on open-source software, but some of the most useful parts of it – Maps and Search, for instance – are proprietary, and the company makes sure that anyone wanting to use those features has to use other services that make it money too.

    12 June 18 08:52 Written by Peter Sayer
  • WWDC: No new hardware, but Apple’s platform advantage grows

    Apple fans will be disappointed at the lack of sexy new hardware at WWDC 2018, but Apple’s focus on software significantly expands what its existing solutions can already do and extends fresh developer opportunities across the next year.

    06 June 18 08:41 Written by Johnny Evans
  • Aussie mobile service provider Kogan coming to NZ

    Australian Securities Exchange listed online retailer and mobile virtual network operator (ASX: KGN) will offer telecommunications services in New Zealand under an agreement with Vodafone.

    04 June 18 13:25 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Driver blames Tesla 'Autopilot' for accident

    ​The driver of a Tesla Model S crashed into an unoccupied, parked police vehicle in Laguna Beach, California, on Tuesday and the driver told investigators the Tesla was in "Autopilot" mode at the time, police said.

    30 May 18 08:56 Written by Reuters
  • Full speed ahead for NZ’s rural broadband rollout

    The schedule for completing New Zealand's rural broadband programmes has been brought forward a year, and is now due for completion in 2021, communications minister Clare Curran has announced.

    29 May 18 10:05 Written by Sarah Putt
  • Jury awards Apple US$539 million in Samsung patent retrial

    After nearly five days of deliberations, a US jury has said Samsung should pay $539 million (A$711 million) to Apple for copying patented smartphone features, according to court documents, bringing a years-long feud between the technology companies into its final stages.

    25 May 18 09:10 Written by Reuters
  • Trump raises idea of ZTE fine, management shakeup

    ​U.S. President Donald Trump has floated a plan to fine ZTE and shake up its management as his administration considers rolling back more severe penalties that have crippled the Chinese telecommunications company.

    23 May 18 10:27 Written by Reuters
  • ZTE’s woes open up low end of NZ mobile market

    ZTE currently enjoys a strong position at the low end of the mobile phone market in New Zealand and the problems caused by US sanctions could create an opportunity for other vendors to take that market, says IDC.

    22 May 18 09:54 Written by Stuart Corner