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  • Facebook, Google back ‘Christchurch Call’ in wake of terror attack

    Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter are among the backers of the ‘Christchurch Call’, which commits its signatories to taking steps to address the uploading and dissemination of “terrorist and violent extremist content”.

    16 May 19 09:41 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Digital transformation on track, says Inland Revenue

    In what it says was one of the largest data migrations undertaken by a New Zealand government agency, Inland Revenue has migrated some 20 million income tax records, representing around $5 billion in financial transactions, to the new tax system during a seven-day shutdown of services.

    07 May 19 14:53 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Government launches Digital Inclusion Blueprint

    Minister for government digital services Megan Woods has announced a Digital Inclusion Blueprint, designed to help New Zealanders take full advantage of the internet, and help the Government identify groups of New Zealanders struggling to access online services.

    03 May 19 11:12 Written by Stuart Corner
  • MBIE gets Orwellian on Square Kilometre Array telescope

    New Zealand's astronomy community is reported to be making a last ditch effort to keep the country involved in the massive Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope project, but the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), which was leading New Zealand's involvement, has not only withdrawn, it appears to have removed the record of its involvement.

    15 Jan. 19 13:42 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Gov't cops flak over abandoned CTO plan

    The Government has attracted widespread criticism after announcing, quietly, that it has abandoned its problem-plagued plan to create a government chief technology officer role in favour of an advisory group.

    20 Dec. 18 13:45 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Blockchain tipped to boost IT exports

    Callaghan Innovation has released a report into the potential of blockchain and distributed ledgers sating they have the potential to drive significant innovation and technology exports and help ICT to become the second biggest contributor to gross domestic product by 2025.

    18 Dec. 18 08:58 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Italian certified email accounts attacked

    Unknown hackers gained access to thousands of Italian certified email accounts, including those of magistrates and security officials, in a major cyber attack earlier this month, a senior official said on Monday.

    20 Nov. 18 09:06 Written by Reuters