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  • After 25 years of data protection law, what next?

    This year will mark the 25th anniversary of the Privacy Act — it was passed by Parliament on 5 May 1993 — but a push begun in 2011 to update the legislation remains a work in progress, according to the Privacy Commissioner.

    19 Feb. 18 16:11 Written by Stuart Corner
  • InternetNZ calls for copyright law reform

    InternetNZ is calling for changes to copyright legislation saying the Internet has opened up new opportunities for creative New Zealanders, and the changes are needed to enable them to exploit these opportunities.

    19 Feb. 18 16:03 Written by Stuart Corner
  • CTO candidates don’t cut the mustard, says Curran

    Digital services minister Clare Curran says none of the more than 60 applicants for the post of New Zealand’s first chief technology officer merit appointment, and the government will widen its search.

    13 Feb. 18 16:03 Written by Stuart Corner
  • eDay Trust wants Government ewaste action.

    The eDay Trust — a community initiative to raise awareness of ewaste hazards and the benefits of recycling computers —has called on the new Government to make a national ewaste recycling scheme a priority.

    18 Dec. 17 09:48 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Curran to create digital economy advisory group

    The Government has announced plans to set up a group to advise it on how to build the digital economy and reduce digital divides, with the aim of making ICT the second largest contributor to the economy by 2025.

    18 Dec. 17 09:42 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Curran promises new blueprint for digital inclusion

    Communications Minister Clare Curran has released a report commissioned, but never released, by the previous government into how digital capabilities and digital inclusion affect New Zealanders’ social and economic outcomes, saying it will be a valuable input to the development of the new government’s blueprint for digital inclusion.

    07 Dec. 17 11:33 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Government seeks input on new telecoms law

    The Government has called for submission on the proposed legislation to create a new regulatory framework for telecommunications.

    04 Dec. 17 13:52 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Waikato Uni team to research governments’ power to order decryption

    A team of University of Waikato academics has embarked on an investigation into the vexed question of whether governments should have the right to compel organisations to decrypt customer data in their pursuit of criminals and terrorists

    30 Nov. 17 09:30 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Privacy commission urges immediate law reform

    Privacy Commissioner John Edwards, in his briefing to the incoming minister of justice, has called for urgent reform of privacy legislation saying this is needed to prevent New Zealand falling further behind international standards.

    24 Nov. 17 15:04 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Unisys scores 10 year Ministry of Education APaaS deal

    The Ministry of Education has commissioned Unisys for a 10 year project to design and support a new digital Education Resourcing System (ERS) based on Microsoft and Oracle cloud services that, according to Unisys, will enable the ministry to deliver funds more efficiently for early childhood, primary and secondary school education providers.

    22 Nov. 17 16:17 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Government to create chief technology officer role

    The new government has put the creation of a chief technology officer role at the top of list of priorities across digital technology, media and open government

    13 Nov. 17 13:41 Written by Stuart Corner
  • NZ warned: revamp tech regulation or be left behind

    The New Zealand Initiative and InternetNZ have released a report on the state of regulation facing the technology sector, claiming New Zealand will become a global laggard if regulations are not amended in the face of technological change.

    10 Nov. 17 12:24 Written by Stuart Corner
  • NZ Army buys disaster relief software from Systematic

    The New Zealand Army has awarded Danish software company Systematic a contract for software to help it plan and support humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions in the wake of natural disasters at home and abroad.

    06 Nov. 17 09:32 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Would you take financial advice from a robot?

    The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has given the green light to fast-tracking regulation that will make it legal for automated systems – aka robo-advisors -- to provide financial advice

    24 Oct. 17 16:44 Written by Stuart Corner
  • MBIE bars Fuji Xerox NZ from all-of-government contracts

    The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has formally suspended Fuji Xerox New Zealand (FXNZ) from one all-of-government contract and terminated another, but has given no reason for the suspension.

    03 Oct. 17 10:11 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Push for legislation to keep ewaste out of landfill

    The eDay Trust has released an eWaste Manifesto that calls on all political parties to support a strong and sustainable plan for reduce the amount of electronic waste ending up in landfill.

    13 Sept. 17 11:02 Written by Stuart Corner