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  • Northland Health Board improves online access to patient data

    Staff of Northland District Health Board has been given access to data of patients in all Northland hospices via the hospices’ PalCare system that holds electronic records of all Northland’s Hospice patients.

    16 Feb. 18 16:37 Written by Stuart Corner
  • The robots are coming – to rural schools

    Researchers at the University of Auckland have published a study that finds companion robots in rural schools could help children learn.

    16 Feb. 18 16:36 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Empired’s growth stalled by protracted NZ election

    Diversified IT services company Empired is blaming a protracted New Zealand election for dragging it first half revenue for NZ down by 13 percent, and limiting overall growth to two percent, despite revenue from its Auckland business growing by 18 percent.

    14 Feb. 18 15:08 Written by Stuart Corner
  • NZ DNA analysis software finds US killers

    STRmix, forensic software developed jointly by New Zealand’s Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) and Forensic Science South Australia (FSSA) that is claimed to be able to resolve previously unresolvable mixed DNA profiles, has been credited with bringing criminals to justice in two recent US murder investigations.

    12 Feb. 18 13:51 Written by Stuart Corner
  • NZ ready to repel the robot invasion

    According to PWC, New Zealand is “among the most prepared countries for the coming waves of automation,” not through any initiatives to plan for robotisation, but simply because it has a very high percentage of the workforce in jobs that will not easily be taken over by robots.

    11 Feb. 18 20:05 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Does your IT roadmap include martech?

    As a technology leader, if you don’t know the marketing team down the hall, now is the time to introduce yourself.

    08 Feb. 18 01:33 Written by P. Tracy Currie
  • Kordia revamps media and broadcast division

    Kordia New Zealand has initiated a revamp of its media and broadcast division. The company said the move is designed to maximise its ability to exploit growing opportunities in the media space.

    07 Feb. 18 15:20 Written by Stuart Corner
  • What NZ needs to become a leading digital nation

    ​New Zealand has the potential to become a leading digital nation, but urgent action is needed on a number of fronts, according to Dr Amanda Lynn, managing director of boutique outsourcing consultancy Mandolin Associates.

    05 Feb. 18 06:23 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Will Dell go public?

    Dell Technologies is exploring a range of options that could see the world's largest privately held technology company grow further through acquisitions or go public, people familiar with the matter have said.

    29 Jan. 18 10:11 Written by Reuters
  • Qualcomm slapped with EU fine over Apple exclusivity deal

    ​U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm has been hit with a 997 million euro (AUD$1.5 billion) fine by European Union antitrust regulators for paying Apple Inc to use only its chips, blocking out rivals such as Intel

    25 Jan. 18 09:05 Written by Reuters
  • Microsoft shoots for AutoSave parity in Mac Office 365

    Office for Mac 2016 gets an auto-save feature matching what Windows users have had since last August. AutoSave is available only to Office for Mac 2016 users who also subscribe to Office 365.

    23 Jan. 18 23:34 Written by Gregg Keizer
  • SoftBank is now Uber’s largest shareholder

    A group of investors led by SoftBank has closed a deal with Uber, making SoftBank the largest stakeholder in the ride-services firm and providing a much-needed boost to controversy-ridden Uber.

    19 Jan. 18 08:41 Written by Reuters