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  • 19 July 2006 11:09

ANZ Quotes Included - New Dual-Core Intel® Itanium® 2 Processor Doubles Performance, Reduces Power Consumption

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- The following ANZ organisations have offered the following quotes about Intel’s new Dual-Core Intel® Itanium® 2 Processor 9000 series, previously codenamed “Montecito”:

Eastern Mining, Australia

“When I tested the latest Dual-Core Itanium [Intel® Itanium® 2 processor (codenamed Montecito)] I found the new platform enabled my analytical queries [using Microsoft ® SQL Server 2005] to benefit from increased parallelisation, which improves user response times. The machine worked like a dream and processed some queries in half the time it was taking the single core Itanium [Intel® Itanium ® 2].... I think the Montecito chip gives very large databases another level of scalability by bringing more memory and processing resources to the dbms…” Richard Lees, CEO of Eastern Mining, Australia

Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand

“Intel and Fujitsu have collaborated to develop mission-critical enterprise servers since the announcement of strategic alliance in January 2003. The first result is the release of Intel Itanium 2 based PRIMEQUEST server last year followed by the upcoming new PRIMEQUEST server with Dual-Core Intel Itanium 2 processor 9000 sequence. We look forward to a continued and strong collaboration with Intel to help our customers migrate to open environment and improve IT ROI of their datacentre,” said Rod Vawdrey, chief executive officer, Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand.

“Fujitsu is pleased to incorporate the newly released Dual-core Intel Itanium2 Processor 9000 sequence to our flagship server PRIMEQUEST. Combining the new Itanium2 with enhanced state-of-the-art system architecture and design, the PRIMEQUEST 500 servers are an ideal choice for mission-critical applications which demand superior availability, performance, scalability and flexibility,” said Vawdrey.


“With Dual-Core Intel® Itanium® 2 processors, SGI’s Altix 4700 servers and new Altix 450 servers bring industry-leading value to customers who require top performance from a standards-based solution,” said Bill Trestrail, vice president Asia Pacific SGI. “These new Linux blade systems will handle up to double the workload of today’s award-winning Altix servers for the same or lower cost, while drawing less power and offering more density and versatility. This platform, combined with mission-critical software solutions from ISVs, SGI and Intel, enables customers to transform raw data into knowledge that can accelerate discovery, engineering, analysis and innovation.”

HP Asia Pacific

“Our customers want to simplify and reduce costs associated with their data centres. With the upcoming addition of Intel Itanium 2 dual-core processors to the HP Integrity server platform, customers can expect even more capacity and better price performance to drive down the cost of computing for their most demanding workloads,” said Peter Hall, vice president and general manager, Business Critical Servers, Technology Solutions Group, HP Asia Pacific. “HP Integrity solutions will continue to provide the virtualisation and increased capacity customers need to accelerate their IT optimisation.”

Microsoft Asia Pacific

“Microsoft believes that Intel’s dual-core Itanium 2-based servers will provide even greater momentum to the 64-bit market. Enterprise customers can be confident of increased performance, dependability, consolidation and seamless integration, which is why Microsoft is licensing per processor instead of per core. This will help boost the 64-bit market further,” commented Simon Piff, Regional Solutions manager, Microsoft Asia Pacific. “With Microsoft’s partnership with Intel and the Itanium partner ecosystem, we are making it more attractive for proprietary software users to move to 64-bit.”



Aggressive Growth in Itanium Hardware and Software Solutions Deliver Mission Critical Computing Freedom

SYDNEY, Australia, July 19, 2006– Intel Corporation today unveiled five new products in the Dual-Core Intel® Itanium® 2 Processor 9000 series. Previously codenamed “Montecito,” the new processors are designed for the most sophisticated high-end computing platforms in the world. They double the performance and lower energy requirements, improving performance per watt by 2.5 times compared to existing, single-core versions. All server-maker members of the Itanium Solutions Alliance (ISA) will launch new Dual-Core Intel Itanium 2 Processor 9000 series-based products.

The flagship 9050 model features two complete processing cores and nearly triples the cache or memory reservoir versus Intel’s previous generation. It also can execute four instructions or threads per processor enhanced by Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology.

The new Dual-Core Itanium 2 processors represent the world’s most intricate product design to date with more than 1.7 billion transistors. This allows Intel designers to deliver new features to the Itanium processor family that create robust virtualisation capabilities, enhanced cache reliability and other mainframe-like capabilities.

Unlike products from the remaining RISC vendors, the Dual-Core Intel Itanium 2 Processor 9000 series offers end-user freedom through a broad choice of software with more than 8,000 applications in production. Itanium processor-based servers and high-performance computing (HPC) systems are unique in the industry. They provide mission critical support for Windows*, Linux*, UNIX* and other operating systems as well as new migration tools off of proprietary servers and mainframes – delivering unbeatable flexibility and a confident adoption path for IT managers to migrate to a standards-based architecture.

The Dual-Core Intel Itanium 2 processor 9000 series delivers performance at a system scale unmatched by competing RISC architectures. It set world record results in several key server benchmarks including a score of 4230 SPEC_int_rate_base_20001, nearly triple the previous record.

“Intel remains focused on removing the proprietary shackles that remain in the high-end of the server market segment, and with Dual-Core Itanium 2 processors we are delivering unprecedented IT freedom with a product that excels in performance, reliability and improved energy efficiency,” said Pat Gelsinger, senior vice president and general manager, Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group. “The broad system and software support for Itanium 2 processors enables CIOs to move away from aging and expensive legacy systems and instead direct those funds toward standard-based computing and business innovation.

“In virtually all areas, momentum for Itanium-based systems is growing. More applications were added during the first half this year than were available in 2003 and more than 70 per cent of the top Global 100 companies are choosing Itanium technology. In addition, the Itanium Solutions Alliance has committed US$10 billion of hardware support through 2010 to the architecture.”

Dual-core Itanium 2-based systems target the most compute intensive areas, such as business analytics, large data warehouses and HPC areas. This is increasingly important as companies continue to strive for real-time decision making based on increasingly large amounts of data; and scientists, engineers and researchers seek to solve medical, climatic and other challenges through the use of computing power. The Itanium 2 processor’s EPIC architecture design provides high levels of parallelism and computational capabilities, driving greater efficiency into analytics applications and business intelligence software.

“Microsoft Windows Server 2003* and Microsoft SQL Server 2005* on the new dual-core, multi-threaded Itanium 2 processor will provide exceptional performance, scalability and reliability to enterprise customers with database workloads and line of business applications,” said Bob Muglia, senior vice president of the Server and Tools Business at Microsoft. “Microsoft is resolute in its support of the Itanium architecture, today and in the future.”

Intel Itanium 2 Virtualization Technology

Intel Virtualization Technology (VT) is built into Itanium 2 processors to enhance support for OEM and industry virtual machine monitors (VMMs). The built-in scalability, performance and industry leading reliability capabilities of Itanium 2-based servers provide an outstanding platform for consolidating proprietary solutions onto industry standards-based servers. Virtualisation can help lower the total cost of ownership by assisting with the migration and consolidation of different software applications from proprietary platforms to industry standard hardware and operating systems.

Supporting the Dual-Core Intel Itanium 2 processor 9000 series are two rack-optimised Intel server systems: SR870BH2 and SR870BN4. These server systems provide the optimum performance, reliability and expandability that scalable business solutions and mission-critical applications demand and are available today to OEMs and systems integrators for enterprise and high-performance computing.

Pricing and availability

Intel dual- and single-core Itanium 2 processors are shipping today with systems coming available in late August and growing throughout the year.

Dual-Core Itanium 2 processor 9050 1.6GHz 24M 533/400 MHz US$3692 Dual-Core Itanium 2 processor 9040 1.6GHz 18M 533/400 MHz US$1980 Dual-Core Itanium 2 processor 9030 1.6GHz 8M 533/400 MHz US$1552 Dual-Core Itanium 2 processor 9020 1.42GHz 12M 533/400 MHz US$910 Dual-Core Itanium 2 processor 9015 1.4GHz 12M 400 MHz US$749 Itanium 2 processor (single core) 9010 1.6GHz 6M 533/400 MHz US$696

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Configuration details: Performance Claim: Based on SPEC publication (SPECint_rate_base_2000

Source : Itanium® 2 processor results of 4230 on SGI Altix 4700 system, using 128 Itanium® 2 processors (128 processors, 256 Cores), 1.6GHz with 24MB L3 cache, 512GB memory, SGI ProPACK 4 SP3 OS, published on 18th July’2006. IBM Corporation has published highest result of 1063 on IBM eServer p5 595 (1900 MHz, 64 CPU), 64 cores, 32 chips, 2 cores/chip (SMT on), 256 GB memory and on OS AIX 5L V5.3, published in Oct’2004. Sun Microsystems has published a result of 1213 on Sun Fire E25K (72 processor), 144 cores, 72 chips, 2 cores/chip, UltraSPARC IV+, 1.5Ghz, 288 GB memory, on Solaris 10 and result published in Dec’2005.

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