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  • 6 December 2018 12:40

Tuned Global and Tunelet are Redefining the Music Streaming Industry in Africa

Australian firm, Tuned Global’s innovative turnkey platform and expertise in growing engaging music services will allow Tunelet to accelerate its launch plans in 2019.

Tuned Global has signed an agreement with Tunelet, an enterprising startup that intends to service both consumer and business markets, to create a first of its kind music service in Africa. Nigeria, as the first target market, is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, with half of the population under 18 years old. This makes it a prime location for Tunelet, whose strategic vision is to bring disruption and customer engagement to Africa through the power of music.

Tuned Global has vast experience in the Asia Pacific region, having deployed and managed music services in similar fast-growing emerging economies, including Indonesia, India, Nepal, Japan and Australia. This has put Tuned Global in a great position to add value and experience to this new partnership.

For this project, Tuned Global will provide its full backend and frontend technical capabilities, licensing consultation, content delivery, reporting, coupled with an extensive user acquisition and engagement strategy.

Speaking about the partnership with Tuned Global, Amatare Oki, Global Director of Strategy and Business Development at Tunelet said; “Tunelet and Tuned Global share a common philosophy in driving customer engagement through the power of music. The choice of Tuned Global was a no-brainer as its cutting edge and innovative technology has its footprints in similar emerging markets across the globe, where it has continued to support brands like Tunelet with digital engagement solutions offered through its ready-to-go and all-in-one music platform,” Amatare added.

“By offering turnkey solutions, we are able to help companies like Tunelet grow rapidly by allowing them to invest time and money into marketing and growing a great local product, rather than building the technology and applications from scratch”, said Con Raso, Managing Director of Tuned Global. “What sets Tuned Global apart in this industry is the capacity to deliver a full solution: being the platform, the music catalogue and the marketing expertise necessary to set up, run and grow a highly engaging music streaming solution,” said Con.

“I am super excited about the endless possibilities that a Tunelet and Tuned Global music solution presents to the Nigerian music space, its stakeholders and Africa in general” Amatare Oki concluded.

“Having worked with reputable brands like Samsung and Line Music, whilst also building strong relationships with record labels such as Universal Music, Warner Music Sony Music and independent labels, we are able to identify the best pathway for our customers” summarised Con Raso.

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